Image How is peace represented in art?

How is peace represented in art?

Peace is a state that may influence everything. It can affect the relationship among two or many countries. In addition, you can easily come into contact with the others. On the other hand, peace relates to culture. It has always represented art in many ways. Essentially, peace is a source of inspiration for different kinds of artists. So, how is peace represented through art?

Representation of peace in art

Its representation in architecture

Long ago, in the first century before Christ, to mark the re-establishment of peace in the Roman Empire, an altar of peace was erected. The Peace altar symbolizes the end of all conflicts, a new life and a new beginning for the Roman population of that period of time. The Roman Emperor Augustus took the initiative to build the altar of peace when he acceded to the throne.

Its representation in paintings

In the olden times, peace did not have much place in the society. As a result, most paintings showed warriors at fights. Even so, those paintings about violence aim at depicting the negative aspects of wars. In fact, those paintings send out messages about thirst for peace as well as a will to change the world through art. To give you an exemple, let us take for instance « The customs officer », which is a masterpiece by Henri Rousseau, depicting wars. Many other artists such as Picasso, Goya and other have also portrayed war through similar paintings.

Its representation through literature

The touching lyrics of some songs underline the important value of peace. In fact, it is quite a sensitive topic. This is why it is necessary to appeal to people to show compassion, instead of only listening to the songs. Most lyrics which evolve around peace denote a thirst for peace. The same question is usually asked again and again: where can we find genuine peace, where is true love, on which day will our conflicts come to an end? Through the song lyrics, the artists try to convey to the listeners that peace is not yet among us.

However, through their books and different articles, writers have given a timeline showing the aspects of peace across generations. The infernal cycle of peace and conflict has never been broken. Unfortunately, most of the time, there have been more conflicts than peace in the society.

Its representation in sculpture

In 1995, one of the most outstanding sculptures by the artist Arman was « Hope for peace». His master peace depicts the reasons why people use weapons, and their harmful effects. The scene portrays tanks, military vehicles, cannons, and other weapons. The sculpture can be found in Beirut, Lebanon, in front of the Ministry of  Defense office building. Arman's objective was to show that it is neither impossible nor unimaginable to establish peace.

It is, therefore, possible to attain peace, but everything depends on us. That was the reason why the sculpture is called Hope for peace. There are many other sculptures which depict peacekeeping efforts, but Arman's masterpiece is among the most renowned sculptures.