Image Zoom on the icons of the peace from around the earth

Zoom on the icons of the peace from around the earth

Hearing conflicts from every single part of the globe is somehow part of the trends in today's society. The Earth is suffering from an alarming disease which brings to light bitterness and hatred. Even though the conflicts have not exploded yet, it is gradually emerging. Obviously, the importance of the peace is not really taken seriously in the modern world.

This is the main reason why several people and organizations are working in favor of a peaceful world. They can be either peace ambassadors or peace messengers or even actors, stars and well-known people.

Prem Rawat is among those iconic figures. He shares peace messages to us all around the world. Moreover, he links with these messages to the symbol of peace, so that every single time that it appears, everyone will understand its meaning. Let us take a look and focus on those icons of peace from every part of the globe.

Dove and olive branch

Amongst the most famous symbols of the peace in the world, there is one showing a white dove with an olive branch hanging from its beak.Originally, Christians were the first ones to use it to represent peace.

Historically, a white dove with a freshly cut branch showed up to symbolize the end of the natural disaster and the beginning of a new peaceful life after the flood in the Noah's era. Nowadays, the dove and the olive branch is the universal emblem of peace.

The sign of a peaceful world

Also deemed “peace”, an English world which literally means peace, this sign represents a universal symbol of serenity.Taking history into consideration, it was the symbol of the British supporters of anti-nuclear policies to cease the exploitation and the use of nuclear weapons.

Created in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, this emblem was used as a badge for the nuclear disarmament campaign. Further in the history, this symbol was used in order to fight against the Apartheidin South Africa.

The White Poppy

The white poppy is a white flower which represents the end of a war. Whenever we show the picture of this flower, it is to sensitize people that killing each other is not the best way to end conflicts.

Initiated in 1993 by the “Women's Cooperative Guild” in the United Kingdom, the white poppy was shared with the crowds in the memory of the soldiers who died during the war. After his moment, the white poppy was designated as the universal symbol of the peace.

The peace crane

At the beginning, the crane was a traditional national emblem of the good luck in Japan. But all of the history started after the death of a young girl after an explosion. During the World War II, the city of Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb.

Before that episode, a small girl called Sadako Sasaki loved making paper cranes. Those who could survive witnessed the incident and defined the crane as an icon of peace, friendship and prosperity. Currently, the crane of peace is a universal peace sign.