Photo Why is it important to transmit messages of peace?

Why is it important to transmit messages of peace?

Peace is a situation in which everybody aspires nowadays. Moreover, if there were neither conflicts nor wars in our surroundings, life would be far more agreeable and enjoyable. It is common to see that many individuals are willing to give much of themselves, their body and soul, for the quest of mutual peace.

For example, some peace advocates convey global peace messages to nurture the idea of peace in the minds of all individuals. Prem Rawat is a defender of peace; he is one of the peace advocates in the world. He created the Prem Rawat Foundation to carry out some initiatives to promote peace. His duties involve transmitting peace messages to the world. It is good to know why it is vital to transmit peace messages. You can find information about Prem and his Foundation here :

Transmitting peace messages prevents conflicts

It is often said that "Prevention is better than cure". Transmitting peace messages is an opportunity to warn knowledgeable people about the danger of wars and conflicts ahead of time. Beside this, it is common to say: "A warning prevents the worse from happening." Such messages consist of denouncing the downsides of conflicts and promoting the importance of global peace. 

In other words, messages of peace somehow teach man about the great value of living in serenity. They aim at nurturing a feeling of inner peace in each individual, in order to prevent any instance of conflicts from arising.

Reduce the use of weapons

The best thing about peace messages is that they can advise responsible individuals to make appropriate decisions to deal with the fate of a country. Those messages are influential because they condemn any action that may lead to a conflict. In addition, peace messages serve as a warning to any country that is concerned about insecurity. 

In fact, those messages of peace highlight that the use of weapons in restoring harmony ruins the global community and any possible relationship among nations. As a result, it is recommended to resolve a conflict by using a different alternative instead of force.

Say no to violence and give way to negotiations

Sustainable mutual peace will never be attainable if we hastily make a decision to resolve conflicts through force. However, using force towards the others may lead to a feeling of violence and vengeance. In fact, the use of force can never eradicate conflicts. It is just a way to hide the problem for a short time.

In contrast, the best solution to the conflict is negotiation and round-table discussion. Moreover, it is crucial that each individual nurture the value of solving a problem through consensus in order to maintain global peace.

Raising global awareness on the right behavioral patterns

Peace depends mainly on each individual on earth. A peaceful individual is inclined to share and know how to live in society; and this will eventually lead to the creation of global peace. Peace messages encourage people to adopt a new behavioral pattern, which will stimulate peacekeeping initiatives. 

Therefore, it is necessary to have a caring attitude towards the others in order to enhance peace. Apart from that, it is also important to be tough on any potential threat that may jeopardize global peace.